Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Countdown to the Real Thing!

So I've been paper trading for quite a while, refining my strategy, etc, as well as occasionally jumping in for real...but the time has come for me to grow some balls! I made my last deposit yesterday and will be ready to play tomorrow! Withdrawals from now on!! (I hope!)

My strategy is fairly simple - Buy on an upswing and high volume as early as possible! Fairly simple and has been working well on paper, though I concede that paper is totally different than the real thing, although I have been fairly honest with myself, especially the past few months. Daytrading, even on paper, has been quite a humbling experience....just when I think I have to be the best daytrader on the face of the earth, the trading gods knock me down, and rightfully so! But this is what I love to do, so I have to give it a shot!

From what I can tell, my weakness is getting out of a trade that isn't going my way....I always want to wait one more minute, hell, even the whole day, and just in case, overnight, even though I know that's cardinal rule #1 of what NOT to do! I will try to fix this! Though I think I'm fairly good at spoting a good buy for my purposes, and getting in and out.

Anyway, if there is ever anyone who actually reads this blog, feel free to comment, suggest, ask questions, or call me a dumbass when its warranted - and I'm sure it will be many times! But mostly....wish me luck!!!



Steven said...


As your biggest fan and (hopefully) your biggest supporter, I want to wish you great luck [to be used in conjunction with your Mad Skills] as you begin to do what you have worked so hard, and for so long, to do. I have all the faith in the world in you and KNOW that you will succeed. Follow your plan and trust yourself – you know what to do!

Now, go and make us rich (at a very reasonable, slightly cautious pace – remember, greed kills)


Gatewaycityguy said...

Well more than anything..allow me than to wish you luck! Good luck!
And since I don't know jack s--t about day trading, you need not worry about getting any comments or suggestions from me or for me to call you a dumbass for that matter! ;) (not that I ever would, of course!)

Tr8erGirl said...

steven - Mazel tov on you first blog comment EVER!! and more importantly thank you for all of your support! It is seemingly never ending and I love you for that! My goal...to make enough money so you can quit the job that you hate!! :-) xox

GWCG - thanks for your kind words!! I knew there was a reason I didn't tell YOU I was dead! lol xo

Anonymous said...

hey i really wish u the most luck in the world with your trades and as for everything u lay your eyes, body, soul, thought . into. i can say u desrve the utmost and will get it may u succeed more than u can forsee and see luck with all take care and u know already so i dont have to tell u you are the best #1 xoxoxo

mandy said...

Hello PA Girl!

Great Luck! Loads of 'em!!
Since I know You always excel at whatever you lay your hand upon, I strongly believe you'll succeed - just like you did till now!

Way 2 Go!

Gigantic withdrawals from now on!!


Tr8erGirl said...

Anon (who isnt so anon!) - thanks so much! You're the best! This better work, or we know where my son is going to school - at a discount! lol

Mandy - Hey Beautiful! Thank you! I'll need the w/d's for our wild nights of partying! xo