Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The World Premier of The Striking Blue Hamsters!!

It would have been nice if Zev's dad filmed all the members of the band.......but he didn't. They were all great!!

The Striking Blue Hamsters ROCK!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dilemma of the Week

Help!  Now that my baby has discovered Cheerios its all he wants!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tweet Tweet!

Using Twitter to make stock picks is so much easier than doing it on here!  If you visit this blog for the picks, try following me on Twitter for up to the minute picks!

In the meantime, here's the wrap up:

5/12 TJX even; PDE 1.5%
5/13 STEC 1.5%; MR 1.5%
5/14 INTC 1.5%
5/18 JACK 1.5%
5/19 LOW 1.5%

The strategy currently has nothing open (no picks today)!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trades for Friday 5/8/2009

Closing Trades:
Closed out AMMD with 1.5%

Still long TJX.  Didn't do CSCO, but if I had, I would still be long that too!!

Oh well.

No new picks for Friday's close.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trades for Thursday 5/7/09

Closing Trades:
I just missed  closing out AMMD today, so I'm still long it.

Retail stocks were the name of the game today as several retailers raised their earnings guidance.

Strategy Picks for the Close:

I took a couple of minutes today to see how the trends of my long picks have been going since implementing a long strategy, and all have been up at least $1.00 at some point since I picked them.......just an interesting observation.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trades for Wednesday 5/6/09

Closing Trades:
Got out of HNT with 1.5%

Strategy Picks for the Close:

To The Idiot Who Commented On My LinkedIn Post

So last night, one of the people in my RESHET group asked me to send out information about a girl with leukemia. I did so, as well as posting the info on my blog (see below) and on LinkedIn to the Jewish groups I belong to -exactly as it appears here and was given to me

I woke up to this comment on one of my LinkedIn posts:

When you post something like this, please specify the location. While I know most New Yorkers think that NYC IS the universe, no matter how tragic the situation there is nothing that those of us outside NY can do about it... No matter how much we would want to.

I can't respond the way I want to on LinkedIn, since its a professional site, but I will here.


Dear Douche Bag:
Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Though I do recognize that not everyone in this group is from the NY area (and FYI...I happen to not be from the NY area either), when addressing such an issue, its important to get in contact with as many Jews in NY as possible in a short amount of time. I would venture to guess that their are MANY NY Jews in this group, and every other Jewish LinkedIN group, which is why I offered to post it here in the first place.

But here's the thing....If you had the unfortunate situation of having a family member - a child - with leukemia, even if there was ONE freakin' JEW in this group that MIGHT HAVE A SLIGHT CHANCE of helping your kid, you would post til you were FUCKING BLUE IN THE FUCKING FACE, you ASSWIPE!

Not only that, YOU were certainly smart enough to figure out that this was for NY Jews, and ergo, I can safely assume that others were able to figure that out as well! So how much time did it take you to read it, huh? Twelve whole seconds??? And how long did it take to shoot your comment to me?? 50 seconds maybe??? Maybe those 50 seconds could have been better sent forwarding this message to any of your loser friends who do live in and around NY who might be able to help...thats what connecting with people is all about, Dumbass.

Or maybe you should just keep your fucking mouth shut and thank G-d that you've never had to be so desperate for ANYONE to help your child that you'll post anywhere for the assistance of some random individual!!!!!!

Oh, by the way, thanks to the networking of a lot of people, both in and out of NY, they have had such a response that Chai LifeLine has more than enough help for this child, no thanks to you I might add. So sit down, shut the fuck up, and send your time alittle more wisely and productively.

Another non-NYer, But Not As Bitter About It As You Are

I feel better now, thanks!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Important Urgent Request

 Rivka bat Yaffa will soon need O+ blood. She is a 16 year old girl who has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. All those who are interested in taking part in this Great Mitzva should contact Baily at 212-894-8263. She works with Chai Life Line, and is in charge of the blood donations. Thank you very much and Tizku Lemitsvot

Monday, May 4, 2009

Trades for Monday 5/4/09

Closing Trades:
Sold COCO @ 1.5%

No New Picks for Today!

But hey - follow me on Twitter~

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trades for Thursday 4/30/09

Closing Trades:
Got out of SNY with 1.5%

Strategy Picks for the Close:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trades for Wednesday 4/29/09

Closing Trades:
Sold AAN with 1.5%
Bot PCL with 1%  (I got impatient, but it would have hit 1.5% and then some)

Strategy Picks for the Close:
Long SNY

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Israel!

I'm Back!

Did you miss me???

So between all the RESHET stuff, a completely off-her-rocker business "partner", and various other things, I haven't had much time to post. But I'm back with a long strategy and ready to rock!

Here's why the long strategy now:

In the past, my short strategy has largely identified a downward trend in a stock.  In other words, the point at which I shorted a pick was the pivotal point at which the stock would continue to drop.  Those days have been over for a few weeks.  Yes, I see results from most of the short strategy picks I have been following for the past few weeks, but most of them have turned quickly, and are off of those price drops by quite a bit.

This to me indicates a turn around in the strategy....I wont comment on the market as a whole.

Having said that, here are short and long strategy picks:



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another RESHET Jewish Business Networking Meeting!

We've been getting a great response to RESHET!  If you are interested in joining and growing your business though face to face networking,  there is a newly established group that meets in Staten Island every other Monday night at 8:00 pm.  And a new group is forming in Brooklyn right after Pesach.

If you want to come see what its all about, email me at

Trades for Tuesday 3/24/09

No closing trades......nothing is open.

Strategy Picks for the Close:
Short CCL

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ami is 6 Months!

Zev loves his Ami! (And its mutual!)

Trades for Thursday 3/19/09

Closing Trades:
Got out of GIS with half a point.

Strategy Trades for the Close:
Short CLC

Thursday, March 19, 2009

File Under - WTF Is Up With Education Today....???

From my 2nd grade son's recent spelling lesson.  (Yes, I said second grade!)

Note how the teacher ignored my little passive/aggressive (and sarcastic) comment.  I think they hate me..............

Purim Pics

Hope everyone had a great Purim!

Trades for Wednesday 3/18/09

No closing trades.....

Strategy Trades for the Close:
Short GIS

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hitting Bottom?

Im not one to make predictions on the direction of the market in general, but I know that, with my short strategy, the key is going to be in my ability to figure out where the bottom of this market is and implement a long strategy.  

Having said that, I am cautiously watching this rally and considering easing into some buys....stay tuned....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching Up with Trade Picks

Closing Trades:
Both IDA and WPZ were good for 1.5% next day (Friday)

We had no picks Friday, Monday or Tuesday.  

Today's pick for the close:
Short WYNN

Things have gotten very busy with trying to get the new business off the ground (looks like Im sticking with this one!)  as well as organizing RESHET (Jewish business networking group).  We have set the informational meeting for Sunday morning in NY.  We've had a really good response, so if you or someone you  know is/are an entrepreneur or business owner and would like to come see what its all about, let me know and I will give you the details.  (Yes, we will feed you!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trades for Thursday 2/19/09

Guess investors ain't buyin' the stimulus package......

Closing Trades:
Got out of XEC at the end with 1.5%

Strategy Picks for the Close:

Catching Up with Trade Picks

Got out of EDU with 1.5% but i had to wait a day for it.

Strategy Picks for Wednesday's Close:
Short XEC

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jewish Business Network.......RESHET!

So my friend and I have been looking around for networking groups to join for our business, Secretary Central.  Groups like LeTip and BNI have worked well for a past business that I had, and I figured we could join one of those, but upon further consideration, we thought, heck!  why not join a group of Jewish businesses???  Needless to say, we can't find any, so we are starting our own!

RESHET will be a group (or group of groups, if we get that big!) for Jewish businesses and entrepreneurs that meets twice a month to network with other business owners.  Similar to LeTip and BNI, we will exchange leads which will, hopefully help each of us grow our individual companies.  Only one of each business type will be allowed per group (i.e. one accountant, one real estate agent, one insurance agent, etc.).

If you've ever belonged to a networking group before, you know they can get kind of "cultish".  We want to avoid that with RESHET, but we would like people who are able to make a commitment to the group meetings at least every other week.  (And we promise not to make you wear a stupid lapel pin!)

Interested?  Know someone who might be interested?  Let me know!  Or if you know of any other Jewish networking groups out there, tell me, please!!

Trades for Friday 2/13/09

EDU was scary but I hung on and will continue to do so, given its closing price.

No new picks.........

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trades for Wednesday 2/11/09 and Thursday 2/12/09

No picks. Nothing was open

Shorts for the close:

Got out of SKYW with 1.6% at the open.

Shorts for the close:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trades for Tuesday 2/10/08

Closing Trades:
Got out of WRB easily with 1.5% (didnt take a genius to go short yesterday)

No picks today.  The market dropped too much.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trades for Monday 2/9/09

No Closing Trades, nothing is open

Strategy Picks for the Close:
Short WRB
(looking for 1.5% on Tuesday)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stuff for Sale!

Im trying to help out a few of my Staten Island friends.  They have some good stuff for sale.  Here are the pics!

Armoire: White, in great condition except for a small chip at the top corner.  Lots of storage space. Can use for hanging stuff too.  Vanity in the middle.  Make an offer!

Kitchen/Dining Room Table with 6 Chairs:
Glass table top, chairs are gray/black.
Make an offer!

All of these items are in Staten Island.  They will help you take them apart and carry them down to your car (cuz they are nice like that!)

Email me for more info!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Trades for the Week of 2/2-2/6

Here are the trades for this week!
(Hopefully Ill be on the ball enough next week to post daily trades!)

2/3 ROK ....1.5%
2/4 KFT....1.5%
2/5 BKC....1.5% (today)

Wishing everyone a great shabbos!

(Oh - I have changed my limit prices to close my trades at either 1.5% or 50 cents, whichever is less)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This Is Your Kid On Drugs

Ok - I admit - if this were my kid, Id just feel bad for him, but this is a pretty funny video!  The best part is his response to his dad saying that it won't feel this way forever (at the end). Enjoy!
Stoned Little Kid After Dentist Visit - Watch more Funny Videos
HT:  The Preston and Steve Show - the best AM radio show ever  - you should download it for your IPod cuz i said so!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey I Wrote That!

My first analysis assignment.  By analysis I mean fluff piece.  Check it out!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching Up - the Rest of January

Ive been gone for a while......working on this with a spread the word!
(Yes I know its a blogspot site - my web guy is making a real site - until then, thats about as much of a website as i can do!)

Anyway, here are the rest of the trades for the remainder of January:

LLTC - (2%)
1/21 - ATI - 5%
1/27 - BMS - 1%
1/29 - FO - 1.4%

We shorted ROK at the close today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trades from Thursday 1/15/09

No Closing trades.  Still short LLTC. (ouch)

Strategy Pick for Thursdays Close:

Nothing new for Monday or today.

We remain short LLTC and  closed out ADSK with a 2% loss.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not Even Saving This Gem for the X Blog!

So Zev went snowboarding with his dad this weekend.  That's cool - Zev sounds like he's having a blast!  Tonight on our good night call, I happened to ask, after he mentioned that he fell a few times today, "Are you wearing a helmet when you snowboard?"

"No," Zev replied.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Cuz Daddy says: (here it comes - ya'll better sit down!!) if I fall its a soft landing cuz the snow is soft."


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trades for Wednesday 1/14/09

No closing trades, we had nothing open...

Strategy Picks for the Close:
Short LLTC

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trades for Tuesday 01/13/09

Closing Trades:
Closed out KMT with 1%, but could have got the 50 cents if i waited...but i didn't.

No picks for Tuesday's close.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching Up - Trades for Friday and Monday

Closing Trades:
We closed out TJX with 2.3% on Friday.

Strategy Picks for the Close:
No picks on Friday.
Short KMT

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trades for Thursday 1/08/09

Closing Trades:
INTC was a bit stubborn, but we watched the %'s and got out with 1%.
TWC was closed out with 2.7%

Strategy Trades for the Close:

Trades for Wednesday 01/07/09

Closing Trades:
Got out of LH with 2.7% at the open

Strategy Trades at the Close:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trades for Tuesday 01/06/09

Closing Trades:
Bot back PGN with 1.2%

Strategy Trades for the Close:
Short LH

Behind the Music....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jonesin' for a Pick, Aintcha?

First Pick of 2009:
Short PGN


Operation Tefillah, Torah, & Troops

Got this from a friend in Israel and am just spreading the word!


"Operation Tefillah, Torah & Troops" Gets Underway

As the members of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) battle Hamas terrorists and Palestinian militants in Gaza, leading international Torah scholars have launched a worldwide effort aimed at providing them with spiritual support.

"Operation Tefillah, Torah & Troops," which was launched by Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook, the Chief Rabbi of Rehovot, Israel, and the Bostoner Rebbe (Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Horowitz) of Har Nof, Israel, partners people from around the world with soldiers in the IDF. Each person who takes part in "Operation Tefillah, Torah & Troops" is paired with an Israeli soldier, and is responsible to say tefillot (prayers), learn Torah, and do special acts of chesed (kindness) on behalf of that solider.

Rabbi Kook and the Bostoner Rebbe noted that this concept is one that has been a part of the Jewish people for thousands of years. When Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) led the Jewish people to war with the nation of Midyon, for every person who went to battle, there was a designated person who was responsible for praying and learning for him. Throughout his reign, David HaMelech (King David) utilized this practice as well. During the war in Lebanon in the summer of 2006, more than 50,000 people worldwide participated in this initiative spearheaded by Rabbi Kook and the Bostoner Rebbe, and facilitated in North America by the National Council of Young Israel.

To participate in "Operation Tefillah, Torah & Troops" and receive the name of an Israeli soldier who needs your prayers, send an e-mail to the office of Rabbi Kook at To request the name of a soldier by phone or fax, call the National Council of Young Israel at 212-929-1525 x100, or send a fax to 212-727-9526. Members of the IDF who wish to have a "partner" praying for them are urged to e-mail the office of Rabbi Kook as well.

Rabbi Pesach Lerner, the Executive Vice President of the National Council of Young Israel, noted that every tefillah that is said on behalf of a soldier will make a difference, regardless of where a person may be in religious observance.

"Each soldier that is putting his or her life on the line to defend the land of Israel and safeguard the Jewish nation deserves to have someone praying for their well being and safe return," said Rabbi Lerner, "During my conversations with Rabbi Kook, he emphasized that every Jew is encouraged to participate in this critical endeavor and to pray for a soldier in a manner in which they feel comfortable, irrespective of their religious background."