Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just A Few More Pics!

Baby loves his big brother!


Monkey Face!!

Zev loves his baby!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Important Post from Rafi.........

Rafi over at Life in Israel has taken the time out to write and send a letter to the JP regarding Dr. Twerski's resignation from Dov Hikind's task force on sexual abuse in our schools.

Please read his post and consider sending a letter of your own!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

5000 Visitors!

Some hit from Romania - but hey - it's 5000 visitors in a little over a year!  I know its small potatoes for some bloggers, but Im pretty excited!  But, more than that, Im actually happy Ive stuck with something this long!  Ive met some really great people, so thanks guys!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the Day....

"If you're a trader, 40 percent of the time, you're wrong," said Ari Kiev, a New York city psychiatrist who treats financial sector workers and author of "Mastering Trading Stress."

"Part of job is learning how to ride out downturns," Kiev said. "You have more experience dealing with disasters than the ordinary person."

Hang in there!

It's Been Real............

So long Merrill and Lehman Bros....who'da thunk it?

I wonder who's next?

Your views my former Bear Stearns employed friend?.........

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Couldn't Let This One Go By.....

I don't often comment on things like this, mostly because its too close to home, but I have to say - what the hell is wrong with our people?

This item was in Vos Iz Neias.

Why are there people that want so badly to suppress this information? I really, really don't get it. But then again.......I guess Im not surprised.

Almost makes me want to hand in my "frum" card.....if I even have one to begin with........

As an aside - how come Yeshiva World will report on stupidity like a music hechsher, but not something like this? (at least as of 7:00 pm)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

'Nuf Said.....

Had Enough......

File Under: People Are Stupid

When you're pregnant, people say a lot of stupid things to you. Anything from, wow - how'd that happen?? to unwanted advice and horror stories.

Today I had the most stupid comment so far, I think. Someone (a frum person actually) asked me when I was due, my response, of course, was 9/11. Oh! they said, you dont want to give birth on that day!!! I kinda knew what they meant, but out of curiosity, just to see what they would say, i asked why...Well - you know - it was such a bad day! Yes it was, I said, but does that mean that no good things should ever happen on that day? After all, Tisha B'Av was a sad day too, but isn't Moshiach supposed to be born on Tisha B'Av? They stopped talking to me after that.......

Seriously I didnt mean to be a smartass and I guess the knee-jerk reaction to my due date IS to say - Oh that's horrible! - but really....why can't good things come from bad? If not, the terrorists win!

Or in other words.....think before you open your mouth to say something stupid to a hormonal pregnant woman in the homestretch!

Thank you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Cutest!

I was watching a rerun of Sarah Palin's acceptance speech yesterday (since 
NPR cut off the live feed the other night - stupid liberals).  Anyway - beyond all the blah blah, this was the highlight, IMHO......

So I have This Friend......

my age, I went to school with her.  She's the type of girl who is very supportive of every stupid thing Ive ever done in my life (and continue to do).  Over the years she has gone "off the derech", (as I did at one point) but has told me that she has been going to chabad and has expressed an interest in being frum again, but through all of this talk, she continues to date her non-Jewish boyfriend.  The reason, she says, is that no frum guy wants her right now (she hasn't actually made the commitment to be frum again, so THAT would be why).

Now she tells me that, with her (frum) parents blessing, she will be marrying her non-Jewish boyfriend in the near future.  She wants to have children and a family, etc.  She insists that she will be able to send her children to yeshiva and be frum, even though her husband isnt Jewish, and maybe she can.  However, thought Im very much a "live and let live" kind of person, I strongly disagree, and am having a REALLY hard time feeling excited for her.

On one hand, I guess if she's happy, and her parents dont care, then, why should I?  I suppose the answer lies in the bigger picture.  I strongly feel that to intermarry, and by extension, support it, is to contribute to the downfall of the Jewish people.  (For the record, my SO thinks this is a very extreme view).

So now, what do I do?  So far I have managed to steer wedding talk to a different topic, but its only a matter of time before I will be forced to say something, either outright, or in the form of declining an invitation.

What would you do?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trades for Thursday 9/4/08

No Closing Trades.
Nothing Open.

Strategy Trades for the Close:

No Longs.

Yes!!! This Is Still a Trading Blog!

Now that Zev is in school, I have a little more time, so Ive decided to tie up a few loose ends - one being to post my trades from mid-July.  Of course, they are posted at (go there, buy a subscription!!), but since this is a tr8ergirl blog, I should post here as well.  So here's goes, in a nutshell:

Profit/Loss for July 2008:
EBAY (or XLNX)...$0.50
ATR................$0.50 or GILD......$0.89
DST (or DOV)..$0.50
BDC (or TEX)..$0.50
BEAV............($0.35) or MTW...$0.50
ADP.................$0.50 or AKAM..($0.35)
Total: $4.80 (This is the "worst case scenario" using the losses when there is a choice)

If you traded in 200 share lots, your profit would be $960.00.
If you traded in 500 share lotss, your profit would be $2400.

YTD Totals:
200 share lots: $6646.00
500 share lots: $16868.00
So thats July - August coming later......................

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Because Paying $1900 in Tuition Every Month Isn't Enough.....

Zev starts school tomorrow, and, as usual, I have been procrastinating in getting his school supplies. So I dug out the list today so we can go............HELLO!!!! It's sooooo freakin' long (and SPECIFIC!!) Look!!!

* 24 sharpened pencils (um...isnt that like asking to provide a chalkboard??)
* 2 erasers  (there are 24 erasers on the sharpened pencils, no?)
* 1 pair of pointed Fiskar scissors (so the dollar store ones don't cut as well, I guess)
* 6 UHU glue sticks (white)  (6??? And besides, remember that big pot of Elmer's glue they would give you to share while doing a project, and that smell!  And the token kid that would eat it!  Ha!  Good times!)
* Assorted highlighers  (to highlight our college textbooks??  In 2nd grade??)
* 7 folders with bottom pockets, one of each of the following colors:
red, purple, yellow, white, green, dark blue, student's choice
(Im speechless on this one..)
* 1 pack of colored pencils (12)
* 1 pack thin markers (8)
* 1 pack thick markers (8)
* 1 pack crayons (16)
* 3 black/white composition books
* 2 boxes of tissues (sleeves, kids, sleeves!)
* 12 yarmulkas (how about the one he wears to school with a ton of clips in it?)
* 1 ruler with inches and centimeters
* 1 box quart sized Ziploc storage baggies  (IDK, I totally picture the morah taking home all the boxes of baggies and using them to pack her kids' lunches everyday)
* 1 small pencil sharpener
* 1 rainy day game (stop it!!  Paper, crayons, scissors, all of which I provided...what else do you need on a rainy day??)
* 1 smock
* 7 recent photos (will not be returned)
* 2 small, different photos of your child with a close up of your child's face (will not be returned)  
(so when he runs away, the cops will know what he looks like??)



I mean really.....what school doesnt provide flipping pencils to the kids? When I was a kid (ugh!) my mother send me to school with maybe a few notebooks and a folder. You got the pencils, crayons, etc at school - you know, those cool big crayons...and markers? Who the hell was allowed to use markers in 2nd grade anyway??

And families with multiple children......I don't know how you do it!! Do public schools have such a list?

Do you really buy your kids all the stuff on the list?

Anyway - off to further empty the bank.....!!!!!