Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zev's Brush with "Greatness"

Steven and Zev went to go visit Jordan at school today and went to the local skate shop, where they met Bam Magera. Steven heard he could be a bit of a douche when it comes to meeting fans, but thats not something that would deter Steven, so he asked for a pic. Bam was like, "Yea sure, whatever". Zev didnt really have any idea who he was (I mean, he's not Tony Hawk after all, lol) In fact, Zev probably thought Bam wanted his pic! (My son is a celebrity in his own mind! How's THAT for self esteem!!??) Anyway - here's the pic!

Have you had a recent brush with someone famous?

Oh - and here I am with all the YitzPeking (greatest kosher Chinese in Philly) for the Going to College (and 2nd Grade) dinner)

Good luck to everyone in the new school year!

Virtual Nesting

I havent quite gotten to REAL nesting at home yet (Steven is taking care of that!) but I did some cleaning out and adding to the blogroll.

I added a few new blogs, like The Muqata (a classic one, I know, I just havent had a chance to add it) and a new kid on the block, Lakewood Falling Down. so check them out!

I got rid of blogs whose authors havent posted in months (though I kept a two that I *hope* will return). I also got rid of one that doesnt have their own blogroll, nor do they allow comments. I dont know - I always kinda thought that was obnoxious.

This has been a big year for JBloggers leaving cyberspace.......whom do you miss the most?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For The Readers of the Preg Blog.......

I know you've been waiting........

Not one, but TWO more posts.....


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well, Its Been A While.

Yup, it has. Lots of little stressful things have been going on and I have been pretty unmotivated to blog.

The Pregnancy
Things have seemed to straighten themselves out here.  The baby is no longer breech, though to be sure we are still having an ultrasound on Monday.  Other than that, at 37 weeks, the waiting game has begun.  My doula has returned from Israel so I can uncross my legs (was that too crass??)

The Trading
The strategy is continuing to do what its supposed to do, ie, work.  The Tr8erGirl website has the track record and I do have a few subscribers, which is cool.  Looking for more though!!!  So buy a subscription and tell your friends to do the same! :-)

The Kid
Had a great summer at camp!  Even tried overnight for a night and loved it, and my fears that he would just walk away from camp never to been seen again did not materialize (B"H)!!  His surgery went fine as well.  He continues to progress well with his reading and is looking forward to being the best big brother ever.  He left with his dad to go "down the shore" for a few days and his instructions to me were - Mommy - don't have the baby til I get back!

The Other Stuff
Lots of other stuff is going on, some quite sad, but, Ive realized within the past few days, incredibly karmic in nature.  If so, Im happy to have the karmic part behind me and the debt paid.  

Anyway - going forward, Im going to try to continue to post at least the trades on a daily basis.  If I dont and your interested, you can alway find them at

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tables Turn Again...

hopefully for the good of all involved........

Just be happy!