Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Jewish Day School Rant

My son has an average of 2 birthday parties per month, give or take, for kids at school. It states in the handbook that parents should attempt to accommodate the children in the school that keep kosher. Most parents don't do this, which is...ok, whatever...well today we were running late, and i forgot to pack something for Zev to take (assuming this wasnt a kosher party). So on the off chance, it was kosher, I's how the conversation went down:

"Is this a kosher party?" (me - aloud)
"Its bagels" (hostess, as she stared blankly, like i just fell out of the sky)
"Idiot" (me - to myself)
"Not all bagels are kosher." (me, aloud)
"They're from Cosi." (hostess, still blankly staring) (ps - not a kosher store)
"Ok - thats ok" (me - aloud)
Then I figured I'd push the issue.....
"Are the cupcakes kosher?"
"I made them at home."

.....I guess that answers that then, doesnt it??

Oh and from my son.."I guess I'm not eating at this party."

Guess not.


MK said...

I feel so bad for Zev, how does he feel about being "different"? It can be very hard a kid, kids like to fit in.
If I may ask, why don't you send him to a school/yeshiva where all the kids are kosher?

Tr8erGirl said...

He actually takes it in stride. He's very proud of what he does, even though many of his friends (and father) do not do those things.

Honestly, I don't move him for two reasons:

1) The frummer school is about an hour away
2) Because at this point in his life, he lives to two worlds, so to speak, so I don't want him to but uncomfortable in his school environment either. He'd be the odd kid out there also, but in the opposite way. I am, however, working on a few things so that I will have some options.

(plus I also like to complain!! Although Im sure the frummer school will give me what to complain about too!)

MK said...

>Im sure the frummer school will give me what to complain about too!

You'd better believe it! LOL

One of my pet peeves: Moron teachers and principles, who think they know it all. Aaarggg!