Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Open for Business! This post will stay at the top for a stuff is below it!)

I am pleased to announce the opening of my new stock picking website!! After a few weeks of thought, and a few more weeks of work (yes, I do work!) I am finally ready to launch it! Check it out:

(i can't get the link thingy to work, so you"ll have to cut and paste!)

If you or someone you know:
* Is looking to make some extra money.
* Is a stay at home mom who wants to suppliment the family income.
* Wants to learn more about trading without the information overload.
* Has an extra $2500-$5000 (or more) laying around and wants to put it to work.

Then spread the word!

The strategy is simple. The track record is great. The subscription price is cheap! What more do you want???

I will still be posting trades here, but only after the fact (which I typically do anyway) SO, if you want my picks BEFORE the market closes, please consider a subscription! (PLEASE!) I will be limiting subscriptions to 350 people (I'm not looking to move markets here) so hurry!


mk said...

Hatzlocha Rabboh!

Liz said...

Wow! This sounds really interesting! Good luck with it!!

BTW - any possibility I can have the Privilege of checking out your Bronx Momma blog?

BronxBoysBabyMomma said...

Thanks guys!

Liz - of course (you arent the one I'm trying to keep out! lol) I sent an invitation to the address on your blog!
:-) The caveat of course is that you wont be offended by my fatness!

Ehav Ever said...

Congratulations. I will check out your web-site and add it to my site list.