Sunday, August 31, 2008

Virtual Nesting

I havent quite gotten to REAL nesting at home yet (Steven is taking care of that!) but I did some cleaning out and adding to the blogroll.

I added a few new blogs, like The Muqata (a classic one, I know, I just havent had a chance to add it) and a new kid on the block, Lakewood Falling Down. so check them out!

I got rid of blogs whose authors havent posted in months (though I kept a two that I *hope* will return). I also got rid of one that doesnt have their own blogroll, nor do they allow comments. I dont know - I always kinda thought that was obnoxious.

This has been a big year for JBloggers leaving cyberspace.......whom do you miss the most?

1 comment:

Rafi G said...

I did not notice any more this year than previous years. Maybe just because the jgblogosphere has gotten so big so the numbers of dropouts are also naturally increasing.