Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great Company Names.....

A few posts ago I commented on LFD's blog about how his wife should start a company cuz she's quite good at carving watermelons for simchos and I mentioned I could come up with good names for her company if she were to make one!  (Im sure lots of you could!)

I appreciate a good business name.  Here are a few I've seen lately:

1)  Knobs and Knockers (they sell pulls and knobs for cabinets and doors in Lahaska, PA)
2)  Lets Get Stoned (granite and stone contractor in Horsham, PA)
3)  Superior Screw Company  (guess what they make........screws, silly!)

Have any companies you've used or seen in the past with cool names?

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Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down said...

you are too funny!!! I'm glad you were inspired to write such a cute post!