Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yearly Round Up.....

Things are typically slow the last week of the year, so Ive had a chance to go back and calculate my return on all of my picks that I made this year.  It wasnt too bad, though I admit, I hoped it was more, but in such a sucky market, I'll take it.

So I grossed 151% (this means if I traded $10000 everyday, my gross profit without touching the original trading capital is $15100, a total of $25100) This doesnt include commission or margin interest costs.  Sticking to a set strategy has really helped.  My issue in the coming year will probably be indentifying t he turning point in the economy and switching  to my long strategy, but until then, im sticking with the shorts.

You can check out all of my picks for the past year here.

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Mrs. Lakewood Falling Down said...

"Can One Really Make A Living As A Daytrader???? I'm Gonna Find Out! I'm The Boss Of Me!"
Well, It looks like you can! Hatzlacha in the coming year!!!