Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jewish Business Network.......RESHET!

So my friend and I have been looking around for networking groups to join for our business, Secretary Central.  Groups like LeTip and BNI have worked well for a past business that I had, and I figured we could join one of those, but upon further consideration, we thought, heck!  why not join a group of Jewish businesses???  Needless to say, we can't find any, so we are starting our own!

RESHET will be a group (or group of groups, if we get that big!) for Jewish businesses and entrepreneurs that meets twice a month to network with other business owners.  Similar to LeTip and BNI, we will exchange leads which will, hopefully help each of us grow our individual companies.  Only one of each business type will be allowed per group (i.e. one accountant, one real estate agent, one insurance agent, etc.).

If you've ever belonged to a networking group before, you know they can get kind of "cultish".  We want to avoid that with RESHET, but we would like people who are able to make a commitment to the group meetings at least every other week.  (And we promise not to make you wear a stupid lapel pin!)

Interested?  Know someone who might be interested?  Let me know!  Or if you know of any other Jewish networking groups out there, tell me, please!!


MK said...

May I suggest an online meeting place? That way your not limited to one (small) geographic location.

Best of luck!

Tr8erGirl said...

There u r MK!

Yes - thats a great idea. Perhaps we can work in virtual meetings on the alternate weeks. Call me crazy but there is no substitute for face to face real networking............


MK said...

I agree, but where would you have this meeting that's convenient for all your members?

BTW, what about LinkedIn?

Tr8erGirl said...

Initially, we plan to have it in Brooklyn or SI. As it grows, offshoot groups can meet wherever there is enough interest.

Miriam said...

This is exciting!

lol @ your 1st comment! You're so fun and refreshing!

(I've always wanted to tell you that. lol)