Friday, March 20, 2009

Ami is 6 Months!

Zev loves his Ami! (And its mutual!)


MK said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday!
Much nachus from both your boys.

Lakewood Falling Down said...

Happy Birthday!
On an entirely different subject, I remember you did a post on Zev not wearing a helmet while on a skiing trip. The recent news(sad) about Richardson proves you right-again.

DavenedByDeKoisel said...

Cuter and cuter, much nachas from all !!!

Tr8erGirl said...

Thanks Guys!

LFD - i know!! i should copy and paste and email the news to him.........but id then be called a "bitch".....oh heck ill do it anyway!

DBDK - :-)

Mrs. LFD said...

Happy 1/2 birthday. They are both gorgeous. Have Nachas!

Jacob Da Jew said...

Very cute.