Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To The Idiot Who Commented On My LinkedIn Post

So last night, one of the people in my RESHET group asked me to send out information about a girl with leukemia. I did so, as well as posting the info on my blog (see below) and on LinkedIn to the Jewish groups I belong to -exactly as it appears here and was given to me

I woke up to this comment on one of my LinkedIn posts:

When you post something like this, please specify the location. While I know most New Yorkers think that NYC IS the universe, no matter how tragic the situation there is nothing that those of us outside NY can do about it... No matter how much we would want to.

I can't respond the way I want to on LinkedIn, since its a professional site, but I will here.


Dear Douche Bag:
Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Though I do recognize that not everyone in this group is from the NY area (and FYI...I happen to not be from the NY area either), when addressing such an issue, its important to get in contact with as many Jews in NY as possible in a short amount of time. I would venture to guess that their are MANY NY Jews in this group, and every other Jewish LinkedIN group, which is why I offered to post it here in the first place.

But here's the thing....If you had the unfortunate situation of having a family member - a child - with leukemia, even if there was ONE freakin' JEW in this group that MIGHT HAVE A SLIGHT CHANCE of helping your kid, you would post til you were FUCKING BLUE IN THE FUCKING FACE, you ASSWIPE!

Not only that, YOU were certainly smart enough to figure out that this was for NY Jews, and ergo, I can safely assume that others were able to figure that out as well! So how much time did it take you to read it, huh? Twelve whole seconds??? And how long did it take to shoot your comment to me?? 50 seconds maybe??? Maybe those 50 seconds could have been better sent forwarding this message to any of your loser friends who do live in and around NY who might be able to help...thats what connecting with people is all about, Dumbass.

Or maybe you should just keep your fucking mouth shut and thank G-d that you've never had to be so desperate for ANYONE to help your child that you'll post anywhere for the assistance of some random individual!!!!!!

Oh, by the way, thanks to the networking of a lot of people, both in and out of NY, they have had such a response that Chai LifeLine has more than enough help for this child, no thanks to you I might add. So sit down, shut the fuck up, and send your time alittle more wisely and productively.

Another non-NYer, But Not As Bitter About It As You Are

I feel better now, thanks!


MK said...

Not sure why this should be limited to New Yorkers. If I had the right blood type and lived far away, I would call anyway. If the situation were desperate, there are ways to ship blood. I might even hop on a plane.

Having said that, I have two words for you, "chill out". LOL
Anyway, I'm glad to see you posting more. :-)

Take care (you still owe me options),

Tr8erGirl said...

mk- me either, in fact i got a lot of positive feedback from people everywhere.....this guy just annoyed me!

re: options - im still trying to figure them out!!


AC said...

Nice to see theres more then one DB in the world!

Tr8erGirl said...

AC - isnt it though? You'll rest well tonight won't u?