Wednesday, August 1, 2007


So my son and my SO have been nurturing a sunflower plant for quite a few months. They planted it during a little presentation at the Brooklyn Children's Museum and when it got big enough they planted outside. It got really tall and the flower was just about to open, when it was felled by our evil 7 year old neighbor! This is my Homage to the Sunflower!


rebelwithacause said...

Get a cat and send her over to your neigbour's garden so she'll chew on their flowers. Revenge is sweet. lol.

mandy said...

OMG - does that happen outside the community too? lol

Tr8erGirl said...

Rebel - I totally would, but he's the kind of kid that wouldn't care! I really want to smack him!

Mandy - hey hey!! xox
lol - yes and they start young too!

Miriam said...

Oh! that smarts!!! Its like waiting for that last spoonful of yummy food only to have it fall down or something.

How about having a real tear jerker ceremony for the flower and make the kid feel guilty? lol just kidding.