Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Because Paying $1900 in Tuition Every Month Isn't Enough.....

Zev starts school tomorrow, and, as usual, I have been procrastinating in getting his school supplies. So I dug out the list today so we can go............HELLO!!!! It's sooooo freakin' long (and SPECIFIC!!) Look!!!

* 24 sharpened pencils (um...isnt that like asking to provide a chalkboard??)
* 2 erasers  (there are 24 erasers on the sharpened pencils, no?)
* 1 pair of pointed Fiskar scissors (so the dollar store ones don't cut as well, I guess)
* 6 UHU glue sticks (white)  (6??? And besides, remember that big pot of Elmer's glue they would give you to share while doing a project, and that smell!  And the token kid that would eat it!  Ha!  Good times!)
* Assorted highlighers  (to highlight our college textbooks??  In 2nd grade??)
* 7 folders with bottom pockets, one of each of the following colors:
red, purple, yellow, white, green, dark blue, student's choice
(Im speechless on this one..)
* 1 pack of colored pencils (12)
* 1 pack thin markers (8)
* 1 pack thick markers (8)
* 1 pack crayons (16)
* 3 black/white composition books
* 2 boxes of tissues (sleeves, kids, sleeves!)
* 12 yarmulkas (how about the one he wears to school with a ton of clips in it?)
* 1 ruler with inches and centimeters
* 1 box quart sized Ziploc storage baggies  (IDK, I totally picture the morah taking home all the boxes of baggies and using them to pack her kids' lunches everyday)
* 1 small pencil sharpener
* 1 rainy day game (stop it!!  Paper, crayons, scissors, all of which I provided...what else do you need on a rainy day??)
* 1 smock
* 7 recent photos (will not be returned)
* 2 small, different photos of your child with a close up of your child's face (will not be returned)  
(so when he runs away, the cops will know what he looks like??)



I mean really.....what school doesnt provide flipping pencils to the kids? When I was a kid (ugh!) my mother send me to school with maybe a few notebooks and a folder. You got the pencils, crayons, etc at school - you know, those cool big crayons...and markers? Who the hell was allowed to use markers in 2nd grade anyway??

And families with multiple children......I don't know how you do it!! Do public schools have such a list?

Do you really buy your kids all the stuff on the list?

Anyway - off to further empty the bank.....!!!!!


MK said...

Been there, done that. (Well actually, that's wifey's job so haven't done that lately.)

I can understand most of it except *24* pencils??? What, do they eat them for snack? and *12* yarmulkas??! I don't think I had one yarmulka throughout elementary school.

But just wait. On my son's 9th grade "supply" list - a TI-84 calculator that set me back $100! Now I'll eat my yarmulka if they use 1/10 of the functions on there. When I was in school, we weren't even allowed to use a calculator!

Have fun shopping! :-)

Tr8erGirl said...

MK - geez! I guess when they get older, the stuff gets even more expensive! Did they use the calculator for more than a chapter?

U win!

Lakewood Falling Down said...

Lion of Zion and I both recently posted on tuition and other yeshiva woes. Great minds... Anyway, I was curious, did your school have a "rules" list? The ones in Brooklyn are funny to weird depending on how you look at it. I'll post them at some point this week. Have fun with HW!

Mrs. Lakewood falling down said...

Oh my goodness!!! I have never seen a list like that!!! I recently bought my kids school supplies and got most of it from amazing savings. There really should be a big OR in the list for small/fat markers and crayons-Hello? It almost looks as if your supplying everything for the entire class! I don't remember school providing crayons but we did not have to come equiped with the entire arts and crafts section of the store. what's up with 12 yarmulkas?? Good Luck!!!

Tr8erGirl said...

LFD - I'm POSITIVE that Zev's school doesnt have the crazy rules that some Jewish schools have (which actually makes me butt heads with the administration at times - they don't like me very much) But I can't wait for the post - Im sure the rules your kids have are awesomely off the wall!!

Mrs. LFD - Crazy, right? I had to draw the line, so I gathered up his markers from last year (mismatched large and small), made sure they all worked, and used those instead *gasp!* We couldnt find WHITE folders anywhere, and, call me a bad mother, but being 38 weeks pregnant, I wasnt about to run all over town trying to find one. Oh well!
And the thing about the 12 yarmulkas is, if you dont send 12, they give those yucky, shiny one that come to a point to your kid, and CHARGE you for it!!

Thanks for stopping by, guys! :-)

Mrs. Lakewood falling down said...

B'shaa Tova! A thought about the 12 yarmulkas just hit me as i read your response. CAPS..CAPS FOR SALE 50 CENTS A CAP!

about the mixed markers! i would absolutely do the same thing. Good for you!