Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trades for Tuesday 7/31/07

(Photo Disclaimer: I FOUND this pic online, I didn't take it - however - its totally how I feel - in way over my head, with my training wheels and helmet - but I'm taking it on, DAMN IT!!!)

Welcome to the Wild Ride!

Closing Trades:
Sld GYMB @ 40.90 (at the open)
Sld NNN @ 21.74 (at the open)

Positive earnings guidance for:
All but LBY were fine for the strategy

Opening Trades (at the close):
ok - so the market was tanking at the close, so I was VERY hesitant about going long....for myself I only shorted, but I did have two long picks. I didn't not actually amke the purchases - but I will include them in the strategy calculations.

SS VCI @ 11.86 3:39
Buy HW @ 16.14
Buy LBY @ 19.96

Have a good evening!

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